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Monday, 18 July 2011

Grey Goshawk - White Morph

During our stay at Gumlon Campground in Kakadu, we went for a designated walk to the South Alligator River. There is a small billabong along the walk to navigate around, and then a short meander through Kapok covered mounds until you reach the river. The whole family had been there for a while and although it was very beautiful and quiet, the ever-present threat of unknown crocs in the water makes it a warm spot to be without much relief except for the shade of the trees lining the river. Most of the family had decided to return to the campground, but I intended to look for a bit longer with one of the boys. Fortunately the family members leaving were a bit slow off the mark and we managed to call them back without scaring the first ever Grey Goshawk sighting for any of us. The Goshawk obliged us all for a number of minutes, until it flew off down the river. At first a few of us thought it was a sulphur-crested cockatoo as it had its back to us, but we were all delighted to discover its true identity.

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