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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Red Goshawk - another jewel at Gunlom Waterfall Creek and Billabong

Camping at Gunlom is reward enough, observing and photographing a Red Goshawk was more than I could have hoped for.

In all, the boys and I observed over 50 species, including a few lifers for all of us, but by far the most unusual was the Red Goshawk.

I had walked out to the Billabong to see if anything would come down to the water in the late afternoon. I saw the Osprey I had observed the previous couple of days sitting perched atop a tall but dead tree. It had three favoured perches, and this was the one on the north side. It flew down and took a fish out of the water. I managed photos of all but the important one - the splash and the breach back out of the water. Although disappointed to miss these two key shots, I decided I'd walk around the billabong and see if I couldn't find the Osprey enjoying its catch. I walked to about the spot where it had hit the water, when a White-faced Heron let out a couple of deep throated squawks, not the usual sort. I turned towards the place where I had seen the heron and immediately saw a Goshawk, very red goshawk, swooping just above the canopy of the billabong shrubs. I clicked off photos, and then saw it perch behind the foliage in a tree. I tried to get into a better position to view the perched bird when it took off again, in a wide circle, then it circled above me a few times, then flew off toward the South Alligator River to the south. A wonderful experience. I excitedly hurried back to camp to double-check what I suspected and it was indeed a Red Goshawk.

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